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Flatiron is a team of
Technologists, Investors and Entrepreneurs.

Based in Hong Kong we have partnered with enthusiastic founders to create leading technology startups.

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What We Do

MVP Development

Engage us to build your MVP, we apply professional software engineering practices so your ideas are transfomred seamlessly.

Pre Development Analysis

In order to avoid unnecessary headaches and eventual confusions, it is crucial to properly define your requirement and specification.  We can guide you through this process so that your idea is clear to any developer who is not necessarily a domain expert in your business.

Team Building

We can help you build your own in-house team that is best suited for your idea.  From sourcing to technical interview, we can guide you through the process.

Dev Team Management

With decades of software development experience, our team can help you manage your dev team so you only have to worry about your business operation.  In the early stages of a tech startup, it is crucial that you don’t get hung up on technical details.

Strategic Funding Advisory

When your product is ready for fundraising, we can advise and connect you to our VC network and private investors and take your business to the next level.

EdTech VR

EdTech VR

Coming soon. We are developing a virtual reality technology product for a China based client. They are an industry leading institute and is looking to use VR as teaching medium to expand their student body.



Starting from a idea that real estate listings in Hong Kong can be more transparent and helpful, we've wireframed, designed and built this web app with our founding partners.

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Why Us?

We offer one of the most unique partnerships for early-stage company founders.  We work side by side as a partner to grow your business instead of short-term job base tech vendor.  No other company aligns interest the way Flatiron does.  Our team and depth of experience help to create value and bringing a different perspective for new and repeat entrepreneurs.

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Bring your idea to life, get in touch with us!

Thank You! We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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